My heart lips up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:


So was it when my life began;

So it is now I am a man;

So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die!


The child is father of the man;

And I could wish my days to be

Bound each to each by natural piety.


by William Wordsworth


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Michela studied graphic design at Milan’s Accademia di Comunicazione, Italy, where she earned a commendation on the 1999 British D&D Students' Annual for her exhibit design on David Bailey’s retrospective and she got published a poster on the catalogue of the 2000 Posters’ Triennale in Trnava, Slovakia.


Immediately after finishing her studies, in 2000, Michela started working for Artech Video Record, at the time the leading Company in Italy for designing DVD’s menus. Here she soon became one of the leading motion graphic designer, also thanks to her passion for films and her problem solving attitude towards her colleagues and clients.


Wanting to develop farther her experience in motion graphics, in 2003 she started working for the just founded Proxima Milano, which was going to become a beacon for animated graphics in Milan. Here she worked mainly on commercials, promos and some TV show openings, not only as a motion designer, but often as a compositor as well, usually using Flint or Nuke.

An extensive knowledge of softwares and design, combined with a keen eye for details and typography, allowed her to come up with ideas, design storyboards and animate the graphics very quickly, still keeping the design quality to an exceptional standard.


Wishing to face a new challenge and life, in April 2011 she moved with her husband and daughter to London. Here she started working as a freelance both with english and italian clients such as Carolina Melis from Nexus Productions, MPC (film and commercial), Prime Focus, DNEG, TFL and Chickenshed Theatre.


In February 2018, with artist Carolina Melis, she founded the creative animation duo Animattu, represented in the UK and US by Snyder, but she keeps working as an independent freelance as well.


Her ability of working on a project from concept to completion has won her the esteem and trust of her clients, who know they can rely on her to have the job done on time, with creative inputs along the way and an hassle free work in progress. Along with her motion graphics career Michela never stopped designing also books, posters and identities.